Personal Training & Buddy Training

When personal or buddy training, you can expect strength assessments, body measurements, stability training, core exercises, cardio, resistance training, nutritional education, and a healthier lifestyle.

Why You Should Personal Train?

  •  You will have a coach to hold you accountable to your individualized plan
  • Full access to a Personal Trainer to provide support and nutrition education
  • Discounted prices when Packages are purchased
  • Train out of your own home or a location that works best for you

Why You Should Consider Buddy Training?

  •  You will have a coach and your buddies to hold you accountable
  • Buddy Training is cost effective vs. Personal Training
  • Buddy Training is super fun & adds a supportive group dynamic
  • Online accountability & weekly challenges with teammates

**Please call to learn about Pricing

First Steps

  1. Once you purchase your sessions online or in person, I will send you a survey to your email so I can learn about your health history and we will to set up a date for your Free Consultation.
  2. At the Consultation, we will set goals, perform strength assessments, measurements (if interested), and create a realistic training plan based on your lifestyle.
  3.  We will set up a day/time for Personal Training that works for you on a weekly or biweekly schedule.
  4. After meeting, I will create your workout calendar to keep you consistent on your health & fitness journey.
  5. Stay consistent in your workouts and you will become a healthier stronger version of yourself!


Each training session is private, professional and safe. The object is to create a new you in an environment that you are comfortable in. You will be able to achieve your goals and push yourself to new limits.

My Home or Your Home

If you are located in the Dundee Area, you can come to me. Whether you want to work out in your home gym, an outdoor location, I will be able to accommodate you in any surrounding.

Anytime Fitness in Tecumseh

If you live close you Anytime in Tecumseh, Michigan, I can also train at the gym as long as you have a membership at the facility.

Ann Arbor Running Company

Personal Training is offered at the Ann Arbor Running Company, Kerrytown or Oak Valley for the runner specific client in Ann Arbor Michigan.