Josh racing the Dexter Ann Arbor 10K 2022

“Although I played soccer and basketball through high school, I always viewed running as a punishment. In late 2020 toward the end of graduate school, I noticed that I was getting winded walking up a flight of stairs and took up jogging to get back in shape. In 2021 I fully caught the bug and ended up running just shy of 2,000 miles and two marathons. Unfortunately, my desire to run all the time mixed with a lack of knowledge of the structure and safe practices of training left me in a walking boot for several months after being diagnosed with a tibial stress fracture in December of 2021.

I reached out to Kaylin once I had been cleared to run again knowing stress injuries are notoriously difficult to come back from and that it’d be a long road ahead. My main goal was to keep doing what I love without getting another injury. Following Kaylin’s lead through ups and downs with my leg, in less than three months I went from doing run/walk intervals to PRing my 10k on a hilly course in my first race back.. by over a full minute!

Kaylin takes great note of your background as an athlete and your goals to make sure to develop a plan that is tailored to the individual. She makes training fun by providing easy to follow workouts, workout videos, and weekly check ins by phone. She works with your schedule and is always willing to update your training log on the fly. She does all the leg work so you can focus on what really matters – reaching your goals.

Not only do they work hard on the coaching side of things, but Kaylin and Alex also walk the walk (or run the run). They are FAST and fit, and you can be confident that they can draw on their own personal journeys to give the best advice.

The best part about being coached by Kaylin is she gets just as excited about your journey and improvement as you do! She cares about her athletes and wants to see them do great things. Reaching out to Kaylin has been the best decision I’ve made as a runner since going out for that first run in 2020. Whatever your goals are as an athlete, I can confidently recommend Russeau Racing to help get you there.”


“As a runner, with a hip replacement, i was still very tight and needed muscle strengthening and balance.

Kaylin has helped me incredibly to re-gain muscle strength and flexibility, and regain my balance.  I can now stand and sit and squat with greater mobility and it is easy!!   I owe it all the KRF.

Kaylin has also helped me with my running.  Now, I am running much faster and longer with less stress and less pain.  My form has improved 200%!!!!!!  WOW!!!!!    MAN THIS FEELS GOOD!!!  Now, I look forward to my runs!!

My single moment was definitely when I was finally able to kneel down and sit on the ground and then stand up from the ground without any assistance and without any stress!!

I highly recommend Kaylin to anyone who desires to improve their overall fitness, health and well being.  She is so positive and always has compliments to keep you going when you think you can’t…..YOU CAN!!!

At 66, I have been running since I was 25 and am still running!!!!”



“They say every journey begins with 1 step. My journey being a non-runner to running the Boston Marathon began 9 years ago. My husband always a runner, finally convinced me at the age of 50 to try running. The first time out the door he had me walk 50 steps and run 25 steps, I think I made it about half a mile. Every day it got a little easier and over time I was running more than walking. I loved it! As time went on I got better and the miles got longer. Running is great, but to experience the holy grail of running, I was told one must complete a marathon 26.2 miles of running. I ran 2 marathons before deciding I wanted to try and qualify to run in the Boston Marathon, a dream I think all runners have at some point.

The training wasn’t easy, I don’t like treadmills so my miles were outside, regardless of Michigan weather. My first attempt to run a qualifying marathon was short by 62 seconds, so I rested up and started training again for my next attempt 1 year later. That marathon was a success, I ran 6 minutes under my qualifying time needed. I qualified, I did it! I was Boston Bound!!

I completed the 2016 Boston Marathon on April 18 th with the help from Kaylin Russeau Fitness. I started working with Kaylin at The Centre and when she made the decision to leave and start her own business I made my decision to follow her immediately. Her passion, dedication and knowledge to help others reach their goals is amazing. She has made a difference in my life. Not only am I a stronger runner through cross training, but she makes it so fun you just can’t wait for the next training session.

People ask me “Why do you run”? I run because running gives me strength, helps me feel good about myself, and helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you’re around other runners it doesn’t matter what your political party is, your job, your religion, the amount of money you have, who you are, or where you come from, we all share the same passion, same enjoyment, we have a common bond together. I hope to help others with my story and motivate them to find something they enjoy and can be passionate about, but most of all be healthy and enjoy life at any age!

Thanks to Kaylin I’m doing just that!”


debbie darling
Debbie at the Boston Marathon in 2016

“Anyone running to stay fit, improve racing performance and their overall fitness level should consider joining Kaylin’s Core Fitness for Runners class.  Kaylin does an awesome job building a variety of fitness workouts that strengthen your core for stronger running performance.  She’s focused and careful to ensure you’re doing each exercise correctly to prevent injuries, and often modifies the activity for various fitness levels.  Kaylin is well prepared with a varied workout routine each week, sends follow up emails of the workouts, and often includes recipes for great energy snacks.   She is easy to work with, has a great sense of humor and makes exercise fun!”


“I have been training with Kaylin Russeau for almost a year and can honestly say that it’s the best choice I’ve made for my overall health in the last decade.  Kaylin makes working out fun and she challenges you to set goals.  She tailors your workouts to help you achieve your goals and will push you to reach beyond your perceived limitations.  Kaylin is such a positive person that you can’t help but be positive and smile when you are with her!  I am stronger and more fit than I was in my 20’s and I recently turned 40!  As I get older it’s not all about how you look, but making better choices to stay healthy on the inside too.  It’s important for me to be a great role model to my 2 young daughters and that includes staying active and making healthy lifestyle choices, not using words like “diet” or skinny/thin to describe our eating or bodies.

Working out with Kaylin keeps me on track and disciplined to continue staying healthy, strong and active!  She will customize a training plan that will work for you and your lifestyle.  You won’t regret taking that leap into better wellness with the assistance of Kaylin Russeau Fitness!”


“I am Lesa, Kaylin’s mother-in-law. I can tell you how incredibly loving, caring and sweet she is (and she is!) but this is about her ability to create confidence, encourage fitness and healthy lifestyles in anyone who is interested.  

I’ve dabbled in fitness (strolling bike rides, stretching classes/exercises and other minor things – even tried aerobics and Zumba) occasionally throughout my adult life but mostly I’ve spent it chasing four kids and cheering them on in their various sports. I was the queen of “bleacher butt”!  Then it came “empty-nest” time. Finally, time to sit and/or lay on the couch. Laziness and weight gain was my reward. I don’t know how much weight I gained during my pregnancies, but I think I was getting there again.

I decided to take control and lost weight, mostly by watching what I ate. Physical activity still wasn’t a thing.   Then Kaylin started teaching boot camps and, of course, I wanted to show support of her. She was so encouraging and supportive. Everyone there was at a different fitness level. She gave many examples of how to do an exercise including adaptions for beginners to those stronger. She has us do things timed so that you do them at your own pace. If you can only do three push-ups on your knees while the person next to you does 20, so what?  Was I sore?  YES!!  Did I go back?  Yes!! I eventually stared increasing the amount of reps, started feeling stronger and seeing body parts become tighter. She is always encouraging and motivational.

After about a year of boot camps, I out-of-the-blue decided I was going to try to run in the 5k race Alex and Kaylin put on in memory of Felisa Barnes. I have always helped out at this event. I’ve seen all ages and fitness levels out there giving it their best. Kaylin has gotten my confidence level up to this point. I set a goal to run all 3.1 miles without stopping to rest or walk. When I started boot camp I could barely run around a small gym one time. Now I’m planning to do a 3.1?  What?  

Once Kaylin found out, she continued to check on my progress and encourage me. She was proud of every step I made. I started out walking/running almost daily. Some days progressing, some days not doing as well. I was able to increase my distance and endurance. As race day neared, I still wasn’t able to go the whole 3.1 without at least pausing. She had WAY more confidence in me than I did. With Kaylin and family encouraging me, I actually did it. I ran the whole thing! 

 It’s something I never thought I’d want to do, let alone actually do it!!  Kaylin is a “boss”!  She makes an awful workout seem fun and she loves seeing her clients change their attitude and fitness outlook. Each session is unique. Her theory is “it’s your workout – you get what you put in”. So true. I lovingly call her “Evil” and I whine a lot while doing it, but she sticks by me and it’s paid off. I love her spunky, positive outlook on what most people dread – fitness!!  I recommend Kaylin Russeau Fitness to anyone and everyone!!  “Do your best and have fun – like a boss”!!!



“What my life was like before: In my mind, my “before” life was back is HS. I was in the best physical shape of my life…sadly, as I may not think so at times, that was close to 10 years ago. Things can change quickly and it takes a lot longer to reverse them. My inspiration to make a change: Thanksgiving of 2015 and getting called the “fat twin” by a stranger.

The biggest challenge(s) I faced: Realizing how poorly I was eating. I was not logging, but I would say that I was easily eating over 3,000 calories a day, if not more. Factor in not exercising and I was in the worst shape of my life. Also, working 3rd shift for 4+ years is tough. Hard to resist snacking at 2 am when you get bored/tired. Constantly struggling to snack on a yogurt, fruit, etc at those times instead of doughnuts or etc (I used to go to Walmart on break and buy 4 doughnuts 2-3 times a week!)

My biggest secret(s) to success that I want to share: Every small step helps. By eliminating one small thing here and there, it compounds quickly. Also, make working out fun. Join a group and it will become something you look forward to doing (boot camp pals!) If you don’t enjoy it, you’ll dread doing it and more than likely stop.”



“All I can say is, “Amazing!” Training with Kaylin has been one of the best choices in my life. You see, I was blaming my weight gain and lack of strength on my hysterectomy, but the reality was that it was a direct result of my fear and lack of knowledge. I was afraid that exercise and nutritional changes would be too hard for me and I lacked  the knowledge and confidence to change that on my own. So, I went to Kaylin -frightened, awkward, and insecure. I also arrived committed to making a change. Kaylin met me where I was physically and mentally. She assessed my abilities and my goals and designed a program that was fun (yes I said fun!), challenging, and understandable. After 5 sessions, I feel better than I have in a long time and have surpassed a goal that I truly thought was unachievable. You see I had been running for 9 years and was systematically getting slower and weaker. I settled on a goal that kept me slow. I told myself that if I could just continue to run a 5K in a time that was lower than my age, I would be satisfied. Unfortunately, at 47 years, I certainly achieved it. In fact my best had become “pushing” to get under 40 minutes – yes, the speed walkers were breezing past me! Then I put my trust in my trainer and have dropped almost 5 inches and 6 minutes! AND…I am strong, I am confident – I am thankful!! To borrow Kaylin’s words – I feel “like a boss!”

“Kaylin has taken my fitness to a new level which has helped improve my running tremendously. Kaylin is fun, energetic, and encouraging. Her workouts are challenging and never boring. I love how she customizes the workout to fit my individual needs and goals.”



 “Kaylin has been taking me on an amazing fitness journey. Her workouts are creative and challenging. She keeps you guessing on how she will combine just the right amount of cardio and strength training in your workout. Not only is Kaylin a great trainer/motivator for one-on-one training but also in working out with a partner. I have seen lots of results in four months of training…loss of inches, loss of weight, increase in strength increase in muscle definition and increase in energy. I am able to take what I learn in my sessions and do many of the exercises at home with my husband and daughters (ages 9 & 6). My entire family is more active because of the FUN workouts Kaylin has taught me. We have been training for over a year & she continues to challenge me.”



 “In the past 10 months I have learned to challenge myself again. I’m proud to call myself an athlete once again. I’ve lost weight I feel better and every time I run with Kaylin I get more confidence! Thanks for helping me see the path!”


“Prior to working with Kaylin I knew that I needed to make fitness and nutrition a part of my life but making it happen was a struggle. I would tell myself, ” tomorrow I will start eating healthy and consistently working out” or “Monday will be the day that I make a change”. I was in a cycle of guilt and procrastination. I got to the point where I was sick of telling myself things would change but never actually committing  to do anything about it. I needed the accountability of someone who I had to answer to in regards to my workouts and nutrition. I knew about Kaylin through my Aunt, Cindi Raymond. I had heard Aunt Cindi say in the past that working with Kaylin was one of the best choices she has ever made and I saw for myself the great results she had. I knew it was time to take the leap. I attended my first work out with Kaylin and I thought I was going to puke. That’s how out of shape I was. Through the encouragement of Kaylin and my aunt, workouts and nutrition have become part of my life. Now i look forward to my workout sessions with Kaylin. I still have struggles and I have a long way to go, but these days I feel way more victorious than guilty.”


“Kaylin is a top notch trainer. Health and wellness are her main priorities in life. She is compassionate in all she does and impacts many that she interacts with. She’s been a positive impact on my life for many years and I know she will do the same for any she trains with. She helps YOU believe in YOU.”



“Kaylin has brought the love of the run back into my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. Here’s my story…

I used to LOVE to run. I have a huge competitive spirit and although I wasn’t out there winning races, I was placing in my age group on the regular with a 1:39:49 half being my most proud moment. Then a series of injuries struck, frustration, and eventually sheer loss of motivation. I felt weak and every run was an effort. After a terrible experience with a trainer here in Texas I just kind of gave up on ever getting that level of fitness back. After a complete break from running while I was pregnant I was really starting to miss it. I tried a few runs only to realize how weak I had become. My mom sees Kaylin and spoke so highly of her. I could see the changes in my mom and asked if she thought Kaylin might help me from afar. Turns out she was willing! She set up an amazing workout for me…even including exercises I could do with my little man (he LOVES it!!). She sent videos to be sure I understood each exercise and even offered to skype with me to help me with form and proper mechanics. Most of the exercises have progressions as my strength increases. She even keeps in touch and checks in on my progress…totally above and beyond!! Although I haven’t gotten all of my speed back yet, I am finally getting that light, strong, euphoric feeling you get from a great run. No more pain (other than the welcome soreness you get from a healthy push). I am out there loving every strike of the pavement, every invigorating breath of fresh air, feeling my body work like a well-oiled machine again. My love affair with the run is back and I can’t thank Kaylin enough for giving me the tools I needed to get there!!!


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