Kaylin Russeau Fitness offers services for a wide range of individuals – your first time exerciser to your 5 time marathoner. To find out more about services and rates at Kaylin Russeau FitnessĀ CLICK HERE.

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Kaylin has experience as a Personal Trainer for the last 5 years helping clients with weight loss, performance goals, toning and improving overall health (lowering BF%, lowering cholesterol & triglycerides). Nutrition Coaching is part of the journey & will be covered throughout the course of training. LET’S DO IT!


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Individualized Coaching for Runners
Kaylin works with runners ranging from the beginner to the elite athlete. Not only does she create an individual training plan for your A race but she focuses on creating personalized prehab, mobility and strength routines that compliment your training phases so you can excel at what you love. Strong runners are healthy runners! Join Team Russeau!



Kaylin offers group classes in Dundee & Ann Arbor. In Dundee, she offers Dundee Bootcamp at Dundee Community Schools & classes in her Shred Shed Studio. In Ann Arbor, she teaches Core for Runners at the Ann Arbor Running Company to help runners improve their form & running economy to lower the risk of injury. Learn More!