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Russeau Racing is a Coaching Service by training partners and post collegiate husband wife duo Kaylin and Alex Russeau.
Our training programs are designed to build mileage safely and to help you crush your PRs (personal records)!
Majority of your training, we focus on feel versus setting target paces for every day. We run the easy days “EZ” and workout days as prescribed in your training log.

Team Russeau coaches runners ranging from the beginner to the elite athlete.

As a Personal Trainer, Kaylin focuses on creating personalized prehab, mobility and strength routines that compliment your training phases so you can excel at what you love. Strong runners are healthy runners!

In my coaching, I would say I am enthusiastic and passionate to help my runners reach their goals. I do weekly Coach Check In calls with my athletes and a monthly activity with my Team of Athletes. Team activities vary from Zoom calls, Form clinics to the occasional Group Run. I create an Individualized plan based on your current fitness and build mileage safely to help you reach your goals. I believe it is important to do check in’s with the athlete to make sure they are understanding their plans fully, executing workouts properly, recovering effectively and to create accountability with the coach. During calls, we cover topics such as fuel for races, race strategy and mindset training. I have created a team environment to provide a runner community for all athletes to help us thrive together. 🙂

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Coaching Highlights

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Meet the Coaches

Coach Kaylin

Running Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and AASDN Nutrition Specialist

College – University of Toledo XC and Track


NCAA XC Division 1 National Qualifier (2011, 2012) • 1500m – 4:28 (4:48 mile) • 5K – 16:57 • 1/2m – 1:17 • 26.2 – 2:58

Coach Alex

Running Coach and High School Track & Field Coach – 3 All-State performers, 16 State Qualifiers in 2 seasons.

College – Michigan State University and Siena Heights University XC and Track 

• 5K – 14:15 • 10K – 29:48
• 1/2m – 1:05:22 • 26.2 – 2:20:59
• Olympic Distance Triathlon 1:52:11  

Meet the Athletes

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