Russeau Endurance Training Plans



Are you a Seasoned Runner trying to improve your PR in your marathon or are you training for your first 5k?

Our training programs are designed to build mileage safely to keep you healthy for the long run! 😉  We will build a solid base then prepare you with workouts to get you ready for race day!

You will receive your training plan 1 month at a time. We will make adjustments as needed to your training program based on your progress.

Your program will be designed based on your current fitness level.

How is Russeau Endurance Training Plans different from other plans?

Our number 1 belief is that you always listen to your body! Our training plans are individualized because no two runners are the same! With your plan, you will receive weekly accountability to reflect on the runs during the week & to set new goals for the upcoming next week.

We run the easy days easy & workout days as prescribed in your log. We take our recovery days seriously. Recovery is where runners see the most improvement in their running abilities!

In our training plans, the program starts with a solid base phase that last 8 weeks. After base phase, we will start a 2 week rotation where you do a mix bag of runs with a variety of efforts including hills repeats, threshold,  interval work, aerobic progressive and easy runs to aid in recovery.

In every 2 week cycle, you train different energy systems to challenge your body to create a versatile runner excelling in endurance and in speed.

Program Includes

  • Personalized Training Plan for Race (8 weeks to 20 weeks based on race distance)
  • Weekly Emails
  • Prehab Routines
  • Professional Running Log
  • Nutrition Information


How to get started?

  • Create a gmail account so you have access to google sheets
  • Download Training Peaks App
  • Email any questions to
  • Fill out Survey

How much does an Individualized Plan cost?
$10 / week – Minimum Payment is 10 weeks



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