“After taking her class, I feel my legs, core, and hips are stronger, and I have been able to maintain (and increase!) my mileage.” -SB


Core 4️⃣ Runners Online

Are you READY to take your running to the next level?! The Core for Runners Series is a class designed for runners to help improve core strength, stability, posture and running form.

Each week, you will receive a follow along Core for Runners video sent to your email. To keep in touch with the running community, join us on Wednesday at 6pm via Zoom for an online class (optional).

You can access the workout at any time that works for your schedule. All information can be found on the login page which will be sent after registration.

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March Core for Runners
3/10 – 3/31

Meet the Core for Runners Crew

NYC half

“As runners we never give injuries a second thought until, well, they hit us and as an injury prone person I can attest that the root cause has to be treated if we are to continue doing the sport we love. Kaylin’s classes do just that; they address the fundamentals of running and muscles involved for proper body and core muscles activation. Her classes are a lot of fun – yet challenging! – and progress at a safe pace as to keep everybody engaged.” – JO


“When I started taking Core for Runners I noticed the difference right away. I felt stronger and I could hold my form during long training runs. I’m running faster races and have come close to breaking a 10-year-old PR. Best of all I’m enjoying running and races more. I encourage every runner to try Core for Runner.” – ML

“Kaylin’s class has helped strengthen my core which has noticeably improved my form, especially as I get tired on longer runs, a strong(er) core helps keep my form. While the class doesn’t directly work on running techniques, speed work, recovery… I definitely realize the benefits of what Kaylin teaches us in my running technique, my form is getting better, and my recovery is definitely enhanced/shortened.” – CS


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