6 Week Bootcamp : Motivated During the Holidays

Are you looking to gain zero weight during the Holidays? Join Kaylin Russeau Fitness Bootcamp to stay motivated during the Holiday Season!

Who: Our class welcomes all levels of fitness from the beginner to the advanced participant looking to improve their fitness & health by attending a class that is fun, community driven & challenging! Progressions and modifications are provided to make sure you are getting an awesome workout for your fitness level! You are in charge of how much you challenge yourself!

What: This Bootcamp class will be 6 weeks long. Equipment will be used in a circuit format such as dumbbells, kettle bells, battle ropes, a BOSU stability trainer & TRX suspension system.

When: 11/14 – 12/19
Tuesdays 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Where: Dundee Middle School (Park behind Middle School by Middle School Track)

Cost: $40 for 6 weeks ($6.67/class) or $8 Drop In

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Bootcamp Dates
1/9 – 2/13
2/27 – 4/3
4/17 – 5/22


Pumpkin Bootcamp Workout


Boot camp

Get ready for Super Fun Spooky themed Bootcamp Class! 👻

Please Dress in Fun Costume & BYOP (bring your own pumpkin). Your Pumpkin will be your piece of equipment for the entire class! So choose the size of the pumpkin wisely! 😉

When: October 24th 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Where: Dundee Middle School  420 Ypsilanti St, Dundee, MI 48131
Price: $8 drop in

Please park behind the middle school by the track, plan to be outside weather permitting. If it is raining, we will be in the middle school cafeteria.

Please email kaylinrusseaufitness@gmail.com or call 419-327-0951 if you have any questions!


Do Your Best & Have Fun


I am Lesa, Kaylin’s mother-in-law. I can tell you how incredibly loving, caring and sweet she is (and she is!) but this is about her ability to create confidence, encourage fitness and healthy lifestyles in anyone who is interested.  

I’ve dabbled in fitness (strolling bike rides, stretching classes/exercises and other minor things – even tried aerobics and Zumba) occasionally throughout my adult life but mostly I’ve spent it chasing four kids and cheering them on in their various sports. I was the queen of “bleacher butt”!  Then it came “empty-nest” time. Finally, time to sit and/or lay on the couch. Laziness and weight gain was my reward. I don’t know how much weight I gained during my pregnancies, but I think I was getting there again.

I decided to take control and lost weight, mostly by watching what I ate. Physical activity still wasn’t a thing.   Then Kaylin started teaching boot camps and, of course, I wanted to show support of her. She was so encouraging and supportive. Everyone there was at a different fitness level. She gave many examples of how to do an exercise including adaptions for beginners to those stronger. She has us do things timed so that you do them at your own pace. If you can only do three push-ups on your knees while the person next to you does 20, so what?  Was I sore?  YES!!  Did I go back?  Yes!! I eventually stared increasing the amount of reps, started feeling stronger and seeing body parts become tighter. She is always encouraging and motivational.

After about a year of boot camps, I out-of-the-blue decided I was going to try to run in the 5k race Alex and Kaylin put on in memory of Felisa Barnes. I have always helped out at this event. I’ve seen all ages and fitness levels out there giving it their best. Kaylin has gotten my confidence level up to this point. I set a goal to run all 3.1 miles without stopping to rest or walk. When I started boot camp I could barely run around a small gym one time. Now I’m planning to do a 3.1?  What?  

Once Kaylin found out, she continued to check on my progress and encourage me. She was proud of every step I made. I started out walking/running almost daily. Some days progressing, some days not doing as well. I was able to increase my distance and endurance. As race day neared, I still wasn’t able to go the whole 3.1 without at least pausing. She had WAY more confidence in me than I did. With Kaylin and family encouraging me, I actually did it. I ran the whole thing! 

 It’s something I never thought I’d want to do, let alone actually do it!!  Kaylin is a “boss”!  She makes an awful workout seem fun and she loves seeing her clients change their attitude and fitness outlook. Each session is unique. Her theory is “it’s your workout – you get what you put in”. So true. I lovingly call her “Evil” and I whine a lot while doing it, but she sticks by me and it’s paid off. I love her spunky, positive outlook on what most people dread – fitness!!  I recommend Kaylin Russeau Fitness to anyone and everyone!!  “Do your best and have fun – like a boss”!!!


Are you Ready to RUN a PR this Fall?

Do you have a Fall race you are training for but need some coaching guidance in order to reach your PR? Let Russeau Endurance design an individualized plan for you whether is it a 5k – 1/2 marathon – Marathon.. We got your back!

Our training programs are designed to build mileage safely to keep you healthy for the long run! 😉  We will build a solid base then prepare you with workouts to get you ready for race day!

You will receive your training plan 1 month at a time. We will make adjustments as needed to your training program based on your progress.

Your program will be designed based on your current fitness level.

How is Russeau Endurance Training Plans different from other plans?

Our training plans are individualized because no two runners are the same! With your plan, you will receive weekly accountability to reflect on the runs during the week & to set new goals for the upcoming week. Our number 1 belief is that you always listen to your body!

We run the easy days easy & workout days as prescribed in your log. We take our recovery days seriously. Recovery is where runners see the most improvement in their running abilities!

In our training plans, the program starts with a solid base phase that last 8 weeks. After base phase, we will start a 2 week rotation where you do a mix bag of runs with a variety of efforts including hills repeats, threshold,  interval work, aerobic progressive and easy runs to aid in recovery.

In every 2 week cycle, you train different energy systems to challenge your body to create a versatile runner excelling in endurance and in speed.

Program Includes

  • Personalized Training Plan for Race (8 weeks to 20 weeks based on race distance)
  • Weekly Emails
  • Prehab Routines
  • Professional Running Log
  • Nutrition Information

How to get started?

How much does an Individualized Plan cost?
$10 / week – Minimum Payment is 10 weeks

Meet Your Coaches

Nutrition to Enhance Your Results


You need to fuel your fitness with proper nutrition to maximize your results! Whatever you eat before and after your workout is extremely important for your performance in activity.

Before Workout

  1. Eat a snack that has simple carbohydrates and protein 30 minutes before workout!
  2. If you don’t fuel properly, you may tire easily during workout and be tempted to call it quits.
  3. Carbohydrates Simple vs Complex – The main difference is how quickly they are absorbed to be used for energy.
  4. Simple Carbohydrates digest quickly and can be use for immediate energy – On the cellular level, simple carbs are converted to glucose transfer to muscles then give us energy during exercise. Examples – fruit, dried fruit, granola bar, greek yogurt
  5. Complex Carbohydrates digest slower. They are typically in cakes, white bread, and refined products. Healthier examples are whole wheat & starchy vegetables.
  6. Protein – During exercise, we create micro tears in our muscles. Protein will help repair & help muscle grow / tone. Examples – nuts, greek yogurt, turkey, egg

Post Workout

  1. Try to eat a snack with protein & healthy complex carbohydrates RIGHT after workout!
  2. Protein – FAST RECOVERY! Protein helps with soreness, repair, growth & tone!
  3. Healthy Carbohydrates – Replenish Glycogen Stores that have been depleted during exercise.
  4. Don’t overdue your snack or meal after a workout, snacks should be around 150 kcals and dinner 500 kcals. If you are exercising 90+ minutes a day, you will need more protein!
  5. Energy in vs energy out, if you are trying to lose weight you want to burn more calories than what you put in your body.


  1. Aim to drink ½ Body Weight in ounces in a typical day.
  2. Use color as an indicator – Lemonade or Clear is adequately hydrated…. If apple juice color, you are dehydrated!!!!! Drink UP!
  3. Before exercise, 2 cups 2-3 hours before and 2 cups before exercise.
  4. During & After, drink 1 cup every 15 minutes of intense exercise!!
  5. Use color as an indicator to your hydration level!

Pre Workout Food

  1. Snack: A smoothie with a banana, spinach, greek yogurt, and strawberries  (drink half before the workout and half after)
  2. Snack: An apple or pear with 1 tablespoon of nut butter
  3. Snack: Greek yogurt with granola and blueberries
  4. Snack: Dried fruit and walnuts / almonds
  5. Snack: Rice cakes topped with 1 tablespoon of nut butter
  6. Meal: Oatmeal with honey, almond, cinnamon and fruit
  7. Meal: Pesto Chicken, brown rice, with roasted veggies

Post Workout Food

  1. Snack: Chocolate milk
  2. Snack: Whole wheat toast with almond butter and banana
  3. Snack: Hardboiled eggs with a slice of whole wheat toast
  4. Meal: Veggie omelet with avocado
  5. Meal: Lemon Seasoned Salmon with a baked sweet potato and sautéed spinach

salmon asparagus

Runner Momma


Kaylin has brought the love of the run back into my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. Here’s my story… I used to LOVE to run. I have a huge competitive spirit and although I wasn’t out there winning races, I was placing in my age group on the regular with a 1:39:49 half being my most proud moment. Then a series of injuries struck, frustration, and eventually sheer loss of motivation. I felt weak and every run was an effort. After a terrible experience with a trainer here in Texas I just kind of gave up on ever getting that level of fitness back. After a complete break from running while I was pregnant I was really starting to miss it. I tried a few runs only to realize how weak I had become. My mom sees Kaylin and spoke so highly of her. I could see the changes in my mom and asked if she thought Kaylin might help me from afar. Turns out she was willing! She set up an amazing workout for me…even including exercises I could do with my little man (he LOVES it!!). She sent videos to be sure I understood each exercise and even offered to skype with me to help me with form and proper mechanics. Most of the exercises have progressions as my strength increases. She even keeps in touch and checks in on my progress…totally above and beyond!! Although I haven’t gotten all of my speed back yet, I am finally getting that light, strong, euphoric feeling you get from a great run. No more pain (other than the welcome soreness you get from a healthy push). I am out there loving every strike of the pavement, every invigorating breath of fresh air, feeling my body work like a well-oiled machine again. My love affair with the run is back and I can’t thank Kaylin enough for giving me the tools I needed to get there!!!