4 Tips to a Healthy Holiday

Christmas holiday background with blank chalkboard

The Holiday Season is a long time span ranging from Halloween to the Start of the New year. It is really important time to practice & implement some positive habits.

On Average, Americans gain up to 1 – 5 lbs during the Holiday season. Holiday weight gain accounts for 51% of annual weight gain. You can enjoy the holidays – but you want to make mindful choices.

Here are your my 4 Tips to enjoy the Holidays Mindfully

1. Portion Patrol – Don’t Eliminate food because that makes the holiday lame. As a nutrition coach, I believe in balance & developing a positive relationship with food. Enjoy all food but treat your body with respect & nourishment. My Clients that practice this mindset always have the best results. When you make your plate, Load up of fruits & vegetables and when you eat treats – focus on small portions, try not to binge & splurge by revisiting the desert table.
2. Eat SLOW – When you eat slow It allows your brain to respond to satiety signals that say, “STOP Eating. You are full.” So take your time, enjoy your food, and give your body a chance to react. The rule of thumb, Try to eat until you are 80% full and not to the max. so by Eating SLOW & eating until 80% capacity, it will help you consume less food and less tummy aches.
3. Try Drink More Water – Your liquid calories add up quickly. If your like me and only have pop at gatherings, it is in moderation. If you have glass after glass of sugar sweetened beverages, your caloric intake adds up quickly.
4. MOVE – Take a family walk after dinner. Check out some Christmas lights in the
neighborhood. A family walk is a great way to let your food digest!

These tips don’t have to be used just for the holidays, but try to implement them in your every day life!

Enjoy food but respect your body!

If you are someone who wants some accountability during the Holiday Season, I am hosting a challenge in the month of December – My challenge is called the Elf for Health! The challenge will provide you with workouts, healthy recipes and most importantly – accountability from yours truly!

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KB The Elf for Health


Toys for Tots Bootcamp

Please join us for a fun Holiday Themed Bootcamp! It’s the time of year to spread Fitness Cheer and bring Holiday Joy to Families.

Admission: Toy for a Tot or Non – Perishable Food Item

Toys for Tots accept only new, unwrapped toys. The donations will be dropped off at The Monroe County Toys for Tots
Warehouse. Food items will be donated to Church Food Closet.

Holiday attire is welcomed! 🙂

Please Park off of Adams Street to join us in the APR room.

Please contact if you have any questions!


The Elf for Health Challenge

KB The Elf for Health

The Elf for Health is a Online Holiday challenge to help you enjoy the holidays, avoid weight gain and to have accountability to keep you on track during the Holiday season.

Did you know, most Americans gain 1 – 5 lbs during the Holiday Season? Holiday Weight Gain accounts for 51% of annual weight gain.

The Elf for Health Strategies to Succeed include…..
1. Eating Smart – Learn Healthy Holiday Recipes & Daily Tips of Survival
2. Moving More – Receive Weekly Training Plan with Daily Workouts
3. Staying Motivated – Set goals, track your workouts & get involved with the online community!

You will receive plan via Email &/or Facebook Accountability Group 🙂

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Run Fast Eat Slow Potluck

Are you a huge fan of the Run Fast Eat Slow recipe book? Are you unfamiliar with the cook book, but love to Run Fast & Eat? Join Kaylin Russeau Fitness on Tuesday, December 4th at AARC Kerrytown (200 N. Fourth, Ann Arbor, MI 48104) to go for a 4-6 mile run and then try some new recipes! The run will start at 6:01pm, followed by the potluck. Bringing a dish is not required, but if you’d like to bring a healthy dish to share please sign up at http://bit.ly/AARC-RUNEATPOTLUCK.


Summer Classes

Summer is around the corner! Join Kaylin Russeau Fitness for Dundee Bootcamp or Core for Runners class to help you reach your goals!

Dundee Bootcamp will be offered during the summer on Tuesdays & Thursdays 6 – 7 pm at the Dundee Elementary in Dundee, Michigan.

The Core for Runners Series will be offered on Wednesdays at 6 – 7 pm at the Ann Arbor Running Company in Kerrytown Downtown Ann Arbor.

Check out the Class Calendar for Upcoming Sessions & Details.


Why do Runners Need to Strength Train?

Why do runners need to strength train?

Please take a look at the picture below.


When I ran early in college, I didn’t do much strength training and you can really tell. I had poor core control, a weak upper body, not a lot of power and I had sloppy mechanics making me a very inefficient runner.

In this photo, I implemented functional strength training to improve my core strength, focusing on hip stabilizers, posture, scapular stabilization, and of course glute exercises. Also, training in different planes of motion was a huge piece of my strength – the lunge matrix is where magic happens. 🙌🏼

By implementing strength, not only did my form improve but I became more efficient, balanced, powerful and a faster athlete.

I encourage you to implement strength into your routine! You will be so happy that you did. Become faster, stronger and less injury prone.

Our next Core for Runners Series start 4/18 at Ann Arbor Running Company Kerrytown and our online Core for Runners Series program is available.


I believe in strength and nutrition! Do you? 💪🏼🏃🏼‍♀️🍎

5k No Strength – 18:44 ⏩ 5k Stronger Athlete – 17:01

Mile No Strength – 5:18 ⏩ Mile Stronger Athlete 4:50

6k No Strength – 23:45 ⏩ 6k Stronger Athlete – 20:22

Plank Party

It is so exciting to see so many people peruse their New Years Resolutions! Stick to it! You got this! In order to stick with your program, you need make sure  you have good form when performing exercises. Executing proper FORM is number 1 to reduce the risk of injury.

A common exercise in programs is the Plank! 

1. Start on your forearms. Make sure your elbows are under shoulders. Keep your head in a neutral position.

2. Brace your core. What does this mean? Do not just brace/flex your 6 pack (rectus abdominis), but engage the transverse abdominis which is located below the rectus abdominis – the inner most layer on the abdominals. Squeeze your glutes and brace! 🙂

3. Raise your knees off of the ground and hold your body in a straight formation. IF your form breaks, please do the modified plank. Same positioning, simply bring your knees to the ground with your hips forward to hold your plank.

Improper Form – When we start to fatigue, that is where our bodies compensate leading to poor form.

1. Keep Your butt down. If it is hard to bring your butt down during a plank, get into a modified plank until your core is strong enough to hold a plank.

2. Don’t Let Lower Back Sink. When your lower back sinks, it means your  lower back & abdominals are not braced. Please get into a modified plank until your core is strong enough to hold a plank.

Be weary of plank challenges. Make sure your form is solid before progressing to the next day.

If you are still having a hard time with these exercises, consider retraining your core. Even if you are the plank master, it is never a bad idea to retrain your core with transverse abdominal exercises. A strong core helps maintain an erect posture. WOOT WOOT!

New Year Resolutions 2018

When you come up with your New Year’s Resolutions this year, make sure your goals are realistic & enjoyable.

The Most Common Health & Fitness New Years Resolution Goals

  1. Eating Healthier
  2. Working Out
  3. Lose Weight

These are wonderful New Years Resolutions to improve your health, however, let me give you some tips to be successful!

Eating Healthier

If your goals are to eat healthier, you don’t have to follow a strict restrictive diet. A lot of diets that exists are gimmicky and unrealistic to maintain weight loss. If you really want to eat healthier, find healthy foods that you actually enjoy (they exists)! If you feel like you have to eat kale all the time to be healthy, you are wrong. You can make healthy food enjoyable by learning how to cook new recipes & cooking different styles by sauteing, baking, or using your crock pot. If you feel like you don’t know much about Nutrition, try to learn the basics on how food affects your body to help you be successful on your wellness journey.

Working Out

If your goals are to start a workout routine, start small & build consistency. Just like eating healthy, find workouts that you enjoy & make your workout routine fun so it is something you look forward to. If you don’t like running, you don’t have to run on the treadmill for an hour to lose weight or tone up. Find another activity that makes you pumped to workout! Join a fitness class, train with a personal trainer, follow an online fitness program or meet up with a friend to get a good workout in! These tips will help your goals become long term habits.

Losing Weight

Most individuals body weight fluctuates 2-6 lbs within the day due to lack of hydration or bloating. Using a scale is not very effective to monitor your progress. If your goals are to lose weight, focus on Body Fat Loss & Inches loss. A Health & Fitness Professional can perform a Fitness Assessment to provide you with a baseline of your body composition and body measurements. It is recommended to be re-assessed every 4 weeks to monitor progress.

Let Kaylin Russeau Fitness help you with your New Year’s Resolutions!

Eating Healthier
Nutrition Education
Meal Plans
Nutrition Coaching Sessions

Working Out
Personal Training – 1 on 1  or Buddy Sessions
Join a Fitness Class in Dundee or  Ann Arbor
Online Fit Program – Weekly Plan with Workouts Tailored to You
Running Specific Strength Programs – Weekly Plan with Workouts Tailored for Your Races

Losing Weight
Body Composition
Body Measurements
Assess effectiveness of nutrition and exercise choices
Assist Program Design
Help estimate healthy body weight

Check out Events at Kaylin Russeau Fitness for 2018!

Contact if you have any questions!

Nutrition Tips for Athletes

Come hangout at Ann Arbor Running Company for the First Friday in Kerrytown to learn Nutrition Tips for Athletes.

Do you run or exercise? You are an athlete. 🙂 Time to eat like one!

Learn how to nourish your body before exercise & during recovery to maximize your results. Learn fast, easy & tasty recipes made with whole foods that will set you up to be successful in your training goals.

Where: Ann Arbor Running Company – Kerrytown

When: February 2nd 2018 at 6:00 – 6:45 pm

Price: FREE

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Toys for Tots

Please join us for a fun Holiday Themed Bootcamp! It’s the time of year to spread Fitness Cheer and bring Christmas Joy to Children.

Admission: Toy for a Tot
Toys for Tots accept only new, unwrapped toys. The donations will be dropped off at The Monroe County Toys for Tots

When: 11/28/2017
Tuesday 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Where: Dundee Middle School (Park behind Middle School by Middle School Track)

Toys for Tots