Core for Runners Series Testimony

“The Core for Runner class has helped me enjoy running more. I’ve been running for nearly 20 years, and I started well into adulthood. I kept adding weekly miles while training for half marathons thinking I would feel stronger and enjoy running most of the time. I didn’t feel strong during half marathons, clearly wasn’tContinue reading “Core for Runners Series Testimony”

Core for Runners Series Testimony

My name is Craig and I am an “adult onset” runner.  I didn’t grow up running, much less like running (or anything resembling it).  As such, I never learned proper form or cross-training techniques. I’d just head out and run, I was able to teach myself all sorts of bad habits and form.  I was aware of Kaylin’s Core forContinue reading “Core for Runners Series Testimony”

4 Tips to a Healthy Holiday

The Holiday Season is a long time span ranging from Halloween to the Start of the New year. It is really important time to practice & implement some positive habits. On Average, Americans gain up to 1 – 5 lbs during the Holiday season. Holiday weight gain accounts for 51% of annual weight gain. YouContinue reading “4 Tips to a Healthy Holiday”

The Elf for Health Challenge

The Elf for Health is a Online Holiday challenge to help you enjoy the holidays, avoid weight gain and to have accountability to keep you on track during the Holiday season. Did you know, most Americans gain 1 – 5 lbs during the Holiday Season? Holiday Weight Gain accounts for 51% of annual weight gain.Continue reading “The Elf for Health Challenge”