Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Deals

Run Coaching 10% off  Run Coaching Week to Week$180 for 10 Weeks $200 Run Coaching & Runner Specific Strength Week to Week$270 for 10 Weeks $300  Core for Runners – 3 months for $55 $60 Shred Shed Online 3 Months Bundle  5 workouts a Week $80 $90 3 Workouts a Week $50 $60 Bootcamp / ShredContinue reading “Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Deals”

Kaylin Russeau Fitness Events Update

Hi Friends, As we navigate during this challenging time, I wanted to share with you some updates for Shred Shed Services. The Shred Shed Studio and all gyms in Michigan are closed in accordance with Executive Order 2020-9. Order restrictions will remain in place until Monday, March 31st. Classes that are Postponed (All Group Classes):Continue reading “Kaylin Russeau Fitness Events Update”

Two Ingredient Banana Cookies

Are you craving something sweet after a hard training day? Feeling strapped for time? Or are you just in the mood to try something simple and new? Ingredients Makes about 14 cookies For the Cookie: 11/2 cup quick oats or Old Fashioned Oats 1 cup mashed banana (about 2 bananas) Suggestions for add-ins: 1 tsp.Continue reading “Two Ingredient Banana Cookies”