Pre Run Activation Routine

Doing a few exercises before the run may not seem like much but the goal is to promote blood flow to our muscles, warm up our joints and de-stiffen our bodies before we start running. If you get into the habit of doing a routine before you run, chances are you will feel electric on your run and maybe running a tad faster than a run without an activation routine.

This Pre Run Routine turns on the muscles of the hip complex, addresses the stability of hip/foot/ankle, the mobility of hips/spine, some power and loading of the foot and hip so you can rock your run!

The Exercises

Aim for 6 – 10 reps of each
– Lateral Band Walks
– Monster Walks
– Hip Flexor Band Holds
– Toe Walks for Gastrocnemius
– Soleus Lateral Steps
– Heel Walks: Anterior Tib Strengthening
– Combo Move Lateral Lunge, SL deadlift, Curtsey Lunge
– Split Lunge with Thoracic Mobility – Transverse and Lateral Reaches
– Leg Swings: Forward Backward, Side to Side
– Hurdle Mobility
– Skater: quarter squat stick the landing to explode to other side
– Hops: Forward, Forward/Backward, side to side
– Single Leg: Forward/Backward, side to side

My routines are always changing based my imbalances or areas I want to improve. The goal of any routine should include mobility, stability and loading so we can become the best athlete we can be!

I have a long ways to go but just know everyday you work on it, no matter how big or small the effort, you are making improvement towards your goals.

Your neighbors may look at you funny or you might be inspiring someone to get after their goals too.


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