Foam Rolling Tips

Foam Rolling promotes blood flow to the muscles and fascia which can aid in recovery and provide the TLC your body needs after all the miles you have run in this training cycle.

Here is a foam rolling routine flow I enjoy that targets upper body mobility and lower body mobility.

Tips for Foam Rolling

1. Take your Time: Roll up 2 inches, down 1 inch. Repeat pattern to allow muscles to respond to pressure. People typically roll too quickly whipping up and down the roller.

2. Add Drivers: drivers targets the tissue from various angles maximizing your foam rolling sesh. So while doing your calves, add a foot pump or splay side to side. For the quadriceps, roll normal but when you find a good spot, bring your heel to your glute to lengthen and shorten.

3. Timely: Spend 30-60 second per muscle group! You don’t want to overdue it and feel like Gumby on your runs.

4. Pressure: the pressure does not have to be intense to reap the benefits. Consistency is helpful to keep our muscles and fascia healthy.

When should I foam roll?

Everyone is different!
Foam rolling briefly before a run is helpful to address stiffness and promote blood flow to get everything to glide nicely.

After a run or workout session, foam rolling is helpful to help us from tightening up during the day. I foam roll at night to address areas that need more attention.

Try it out and let me know which one is your favorite! I love the upper mobility and the lat foam rolling especially with my increased time swimming in the pool.

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