Work Hard and have lots of Fun

“Kaylin to me is the Bob Ross of running and she brings so much joy to everything she does.”

Running has had a place in my life for over 30 years! I was fortunate enough to meet Kaylin when she and Alex organized the Sparkler 5k. Anyone who knows Kaylin knows she is a constant encourager and such a positive energy! Through our families participation in the Sparkler 5k I looked forward each year to participating in this high energy, super fun race which mirrored Kaylin and Alex’s approach to life. Work hard and have lots of fun! Throughout the years running has played a big part on my life. It has given me an outlet to hash out tough times, meditate on what I’m thankful for and take a break from the busy and breath in the outdoors. I was never serious about training but was always curious. Fast forward to my 40’s I knew I needed continue to keep running in my schedule but had found it REALLY hard to get out the door. I knew to reignite my fire for running I needed to set a big goal and needed someone to hold me accountable and help me achieve it. I had heard about running coaches but thought that I didn’t really deserve to have a coach since I was pretty slow and not very consistent. I didn’t realize a running coach changes that! So thankfully I asked Kaylin to help coach me and running hasn’t been the same since. I have accomplished a full marathon and several 1/2’s since and pr’d in EVERYONE of those races. I have learned that I did deserve a coach and that it’s an investment for in my mental and physical health. Kaylin has helped me improve my relationship with food and how I see nutrition and has helped make running SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!  Every training cycle is a gift and the strength training has been vital to staying healthy. Kaylin to me is the Bob Ross of running and she brings so much joy to everything she does.  I can’t recommend her training enough and to all those who think they are too slow, or too old to need a coach or maybe just starting out and on the fence about needing a coach, I challenge you to try it! And know that if you do you will have a brighter perspective, more compassion for yourself and lots more joy in your running journey! 

Happy running!


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