She makes Training Fun

“She does all the leg work so you can focus on what really matters – reaching your goals.”

Although I played soccer and basketball through high school, I always viewed running as a punishment. In late 2020 toward the end of graduate school, I noticed that I was getting winded walking up a flight of stairs and took up jogging to get back in shape. In 2021 I fully caught the bug and ended up running just shy of 2,000 miles and two marathons. Unfortunately, my desire to run all the time mixed with a lack of knowledge of the structure and safe practices of training left me in a walking boot for several months after being diagnosed with a tibial stress fracture in December of 2021.

 I reached out to Kaylin once I had been cleared to run again knowing stress injuries are notoriously difficult to come back from and that it’d be a long road ahead. My main goal was to keep doing what I love without getting another injury. Following Kaylin’s lead through ups and downs with my leg, in less than three months I went from doing run/walk intervals to PRing my 10k on a hilly course in my first race back.. by over a full minute!

 Kaylin takes great note of your background as an athlete and your goals to make sure to develop a plan that is tailored to the individual. She makes training fun by providing easy to follow workouts, workout videos, and weekly check ins by phone. She works with your schedule and is always willing to update your training log on the fly. She does all the leg work so you can focus on what really matters – reaching your goals.

 Not only do they work hard on the coaching side of things, but Kaylin and Alex also walk the walk (or run the run). They are FAST and fit, and you can be confident that they can draw on their own personal journeys to give the best advice.

 The best part about being coached by Kaylin is she gets just as excited about your journey and improvement as you do! She cares about her athletes and wants to see them do great things. Reaching out to Kaylin has been the best decision I’ve made as a runner since going out for that first run in 2020. Whatever your goals are as an athlete, I can confidently recommend Russeau Racing to help get you there.


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