Ken’s Testimony

I feel like I take her on my runs with me as I “hear” her voice guiding me along.

Why Kaylin Russeau is the ideal running coach:

1.  Kaylin tailors my running schedule to meet my needs on a weekly basis.

2.  She carefully modifies the workouts based on my performance and prepares me well for my races.

3.  Kaylin offers motivation and support as my personal cheerleader.

4.  I feel like I take her on my runs with me as I “hear” her voice guiding me along.

5.  Kaylin is holistic in her approach to running  by offering guidance with strength training, nutrition, and recovery.

6.  She is upbeat enthusiastic, and a joy to chat with every week!


In 2022, Ken ran numerous half marathons and raced in the prestigious Boston Marathon in which he qualified in 2021. Ken is a runner who always chooses races with an excellent cause and truly runs with pure heart. He is always present in the moment during his races thriving in the runner community and thanking the volunteers for helping on race day. Ken seems to continually win his age group or at least placing in the top 5. Ken is competitive but always one of the happiest runners I have ever met who expresses such gratitude for running. 

Ken’s Mantra: Unstoppable

Season Highlights:
Boston Marathon 4:23
Sub 2 hour Charlevoix Half Marathon placing 1st in his age group! Fastest half marathon since 2019 running a 1:59! Dexter Ann Arbor 5K – 1st in Age Group

Way to go Ken!

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