Russeau Racers Recap

Congrats to our RUSSEAU RACERS on their events!

Summer Highlights

Congrats Ken on his sub 2 at the Charlevoix Half Marathon placing 1st in his age group! Wooooo! He raced his fastest half marathon since 2019 running a 1:59! 

His favorite mantra…… UNSTOPPABLE! Way to go Ken!

Congrats to Angelique on her new shiny PR in the Dundee Community 5K! Woo hoo! Angelique is hooked on this running thing and I cannot wait to see what she does next! 🙂

Way to go Karen and Kate in the A2Zukey Marathon Relay!

Alex and I ran at the Brian Diemer 5K! Alex placed 3rd (14:39) and I placed 5th (17:02).

Dexter Ann Arbor Races

Josh placed 2nd in his age group and PR’d by a full minute in the 10K with the speedy time of 41:21! Josh’s journey has been challenging with an injury setback over the winter. To think he was doing run walk intervals and cross training on the bike to build fitness 2 months ago to where he is today is so exciting. Way to go Josh!

Lily ran a speedy 1/2m in 1:42:39 on a challenging hilly course. I cannot wait to see what she can do in the fall! Let’s goo!

Nancy ran 2 minutes faster than the last time she ran DXA2 10K four years ago! She placed 1st in her age group and she really surprised herself running a faster time than she imagined. She is extremely diligent in her strength and core work… It is amazing to see her hard work pay off. Way to go Nancy!

Craig placed 5th in his age group with a speedy time of 1:42:26 in the Half Marathon! Wooo Craig!

In the 5k, Ken placed 1st in his age group! He ran a strong race and I know he had a blast running along the hills on Newport and Huron River Drive! He is gearing up for the Charlevoix Half Marathon in a few weeks. Let’s go Ken!

In the 10K, Carole place 8th in her age group! She loved the challenge of the hills and she rocked her race! I know Carole has some big goals and I cannot wait to see what she does next!

Karen placed 9th in her age group running 2:02:25! I know she will break 2 very soon! Way to go Karen!

More Amazing Races from DXA2:

In the 1/2m, Kate broke a 12 year PR!!!! She ran a conversative race and she continued to dig deep mile by mile running one of her faster miles at the end up Main Street. Way to go Kate!

Meidee went home with a NEW PR in the 10K! Meidee’s progress has been outstanding, and I cannot wait to see what she does next. Way to go Meidee!

Congrats to Emma on a new 10K PR! She definitely surprised herself on how fast she ran! So proud of you Emma!

Bayshore Races

In the half marathon, Crystal had the goal to break 2 hours in the half. As training started to go well and she noticed her fitness improving, she continued to adjust her goals… “Let’s shoot for 1:55. ” She ended up running 1:53! She has big goals to break 1:50 this fall! Let’s go Crystal!

Congrats to Tricia on her marathon of 4:13! She said the first half of the race was great and the morning was beautiful. 

Jen squeaked out a :30 PR by running a very strong race in the marathon. She took a chance and held a solid pace.

Congrats to Brent who ran a 3:22 marathon! He has big goals this fall and I cannot wait to see what he can do!

Spring Races

A huge congratulations goes to Sam on completing her first marathon! She checked the marathon off her bucket list and she is already planning the next marathon!

Congratulations to Ken on his race at the Boston Marathon! You are an inspiration to so many! 

Mantra: Unstoppable 💪

Mary PR’d by 6 minutes at the Glass City Half marathon! In Fall of 2021, she managed to beat a 19 year old PR in the half marathon and she continues to chip away at this years humid Glass City! Way to go!

Congrats to Carole, Tiffany (PR), Angelique, Carol (few seconds shy of PR), Margy, Steve, Jen, Meidee, Do, Kate and Jennet on their spring races

Lily ran a 1:41 half marathon at Rock CF! Overall, what an amazing training cycle for Lily especially after her 8 month old was born. So inspiring! 🙂

Mary ran the Black Swamp 15K in Whitehouse. She said she had a great race and enjoyed jumping in puddles since this weekend was very wet. 😉 She is gearing up for the Glass City 1/2 marathon! Let’s go Mary!

Alex and I ran the Irish Jig 5K in Grand Rapids! 🍀

The running community is amazing in Grand Rapids and the course is always a good challenge!

Kay – 5th 17:45
Al – 2nd 14:47

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