The Origin Story of the Shred Shed

When a crazy idea becomes a reality….. 🤩

I really did not mind personal training inside our home when I first started my business. It was not until I saw another Personal Trainer’s studio on Instagram that inspired me to have my own space. Her space had a rock wall, ninja warrior obstacles and all the works that screamed fitness is fun. I asked Alex if he thought he could make me a fitness studio similar to this one and we will personalize it to suit our goals for my business but for us to excel at our athletic endeavors. He pretty much said, “ About Time.” 🤪 

When I first started my business in 2015, he said he could build me my own space in the yard. I kept blowing it off because well… our yard was tiny and I could not imagine a space where a fitness studio could fit. Alex is pretty positive we have the smallest yard in all of Dundee. 😅

When we were both on the same page, we started to DREAM BIG about our new space. We created blue prints, we made many trips to Lowe’s and Alex spent many late nights building the shed. I had to give him a curfew of 9pm (getting crazy – 9:30pm) because if not, our neighbors would not enjoy the sounds of hammering and saws all night. 

All obstacles high would be considered Alex’s gym including the rope climb, peg board and monkey bars and my gym would be everything else on the ground. 

We started the building of the Shed in January, finished 6 weeks later just before the start of Track Season, and then studio was open for training sessions May of 2019! 

The Shred Shed was born! 

Since then, we have developed many new friendships and coached many sweaty workouts. The Shred Shed has allowed us to help people with their goals, build their strength and to create a fun fitness culture. Our fitness family is incredible and I’m lucky to have such an amazing crew. 

Make your dreams a reality! Crazy ideas are usually the really good ideas that require us to get out of our comfort zones but it will be worth the adventure! ❤️

Shout of to Alex for making Team Shred Shed a reality. 

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