Yeti Race Recap

Image from Dave’s Yeti 10 miler featuring Mary, her son and Yeti, 1/23/2022

This race recap is brought to you by my friend Mary! Mary is training with Russeau Racing for the Glass City Marathon this year and she ran this race as preparation for her marathon on April 24th.

I told her she could have her own podcast as she is funny, sweet, a go getter and her positive attitude is contagious. Her story shows grit, determination, digging deep, being flexible with your “race plan” and to always think positive even when the going gets tough.

On the morning of Mary’s race, the weather had different plans….. fresh snow! She was ready for anything! Let’s go!

Mary’s Race Recap

Pre Race:

The Yeti 10 miler race Starts at noon. The snow is gorgeous!!! I wanted to get a good time but I think my next goal is just finish without falling. The race Director email said the roads would be slippery as they weren’t expecting this much snow so it’s gonna be an ADVENTURE!!!

Post Race:

When you said “the Yeti was spooky” – I thought for sure you had pulled up a race photo of me.  

That was the most miserable race ever until mile 7!! Thank goodness my son ran with me. At mile 5 if had known where I was, I would have gone straight back to the car. We were 10 minutes late because the roads were rough with the 3+ inches of snow so we didn’t get to stretch or even mentally prepare.

The winds and sleet kicked our butts for the first 1/2. Omg it was like National lampoons Yeti run!! But we made it!!!

At mile 8 the sun came out and the roads were clear and it reminded me I am thankful to be able to run even if I wanted to quit!!  So success! 

And guess what? There was a tiny coffee truck right where we parked (which was about 1/2 mile from the school!! I swore that barista was an angel (maybe it was the endorphins kicking in late!) 

It was seriously hilarious. I am usually so energetic during races but I couldn’t even smile during the race I was so flustered.  It was a good memory and I’m glad I stayed with it and didn’t quit!!

Congrats Mary and Tristen on an awesome race!!!!

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