Winter Training Tips

Spring races are fun but that means we get to train many miles in the winter terrain. The snow is beautiful however winter provides challenges of slippery sidewalks and frozen everything if not properly prepared. 

Here are some tips that will keep you on track of your training plan. ❄️

  • Icy? You can use Yaktrax or Hex Head Screws in a pair of old shoes to help you get more traction and to feel more secure in winter conditions. 
  • Chapped Achilles? Simple fix but wear long socks in the winter and coat achilles with vaseline if chapped. 
  • Cold Upper Body? I like 3 layers… A t-shirt (tech), warmer long sleeve with a wind proof jacket. The most challenging part for me is the wind as it feels like it cuts through you on a windy day. On a 20 degree day, I may add a vest to keep my core warm. 
  • Lower Body – I have different thickness of running tights based on the temperatures. Not all tights are created equal. 
  • Fingers Numb? I like the gloves that have the ability to also be a mitten. A wind proof flap that you can use as a mitten or tuck away if you get too warm. 
  • Warm Up with some drills inside to get muscles warm then transition drills to outside to allow muscles to adapt to the cold. 
  • Starting your run with a gaiter is helpful to keep your face warm. As my face warms up, I move the gaiter to my chin to keep my chin warm. Also, the gaitor allows you to adapt to the cold air. 
  • Try to start your run slowly so your lungs and muscles can acclimate to the cold temps. 
  • Post run Hot Cocoa? I use the Chocolate Skratch Recovery drink as it has the perfect 4:1 protein to carbohydrate ratio to help our muscle repair, rebuild and recover. 🎉

The first ten minutes of a winter run, you may be chilly but you will warm up. Try not to overdress as overheating is never fun either. 😉

*If you have any other winter tips you would like to share, send them my way

Enjoy your winter miles! ☃️

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