Hit the Trails with MRRS

Alex and I set the goal to chase after the Michigan Runner Race Series in 2021. The MRRS series provided the opportunity to participate in fun races in the beautiful state of Michigan. The races we selected in the series were all trail races spread out in the year.

As I looked into the details of these races… I had to prepare for sand dunes for 2+ miles at the end of a 7.5 mile race, climb 302 stairs mid race, meandering hilly trails, massive elevation gains, 13.1 miles of trails… What did I get myself into?! This challenge excited me but also made me realize I had some work to do. 😉

First off, we do not have trails in the Dundee Area so I ran the Ann Arbor Trails System and Oak Openings Metropark once to twice a week to prepare for these races mimicking the conditions of each race.

We adventured up north in our camper van to set sail on three trail races – The North Mitten at Crystal Mountain, Hurt the Dirt in Rockford and Mount Baldhead in Saugatuck.  Each trail race provided the opportunity to travel, camp and enjoy Northern Michigan. Each race was unique, beautiful and challenging in its own way. The elevation, sand dunes, windy trails really kicked my butt and challenged me to dig deep when I thought was tired. Each race was so exhilarating with the obstacles, the energy of the race with spectators and the runners on the trails with you. I am pretty sure I smiled the whole time being thankful for the sport and the community of running.

The 2021 MRRS Results are in – Alex and I have been named Michigan Runner of the year in our categories. Thank you Ann Arbor Running Company for putting together this amazing series every year.

Check out the MRRS Race Calendar for 2022! Hope to see you out on the trails or roads!

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