Whittle Down to sub 8 minute Mile Pace

Chicago Marathon – Boston Qualifier

“Kaylin is an amazing coach. With her instruction and support, I have learned so much about running, and about myself as a runner. Early on when I started working with her, it became clear that Kaylin had a knowledge base that enabled her to provide not only training plans and encouragement, but also advice and insights backed by exercise science. For me it is really helpful to know the “why” behind a specific type of workout (eg why are we doing a particular speed workout at *this* point of the training cycle) and she always had the answers. The training plans Kaylin put together were tailored to me, adjusting as we went along based on how I was doing, and based on my schedule or specific needs. She checked in regularly to see how things were going, and she’d ask about me as a whole person (eg topics like recovery, stress, sleep, and schedule all entered our various conversations.) I should mention that I started working with Kaylin VERY soon after I came back to running postpartum with my first baby. During this return to running, she really helped me focus on the process, not just outcomes. I couldn’t have asked for better support as I eased back into the sport and started to build up mileage. I was thrilled that, even with all the changes my body went through during pregnancy and postpartum, Kaylin managed to help me get to that first half marathon injury free! She really encouraged me to listen to my body as I trained and commit to strength routines so things weren’t out of balance. Kaylin was instrumental in helping me achieve my bigger goal, too: I chased and achieved a PR in the marathon just over a year after having my baby (her coaching helped me whittle down to sub 8-minute mile pace!) I know I could never have done that without her unfailing optimism and encouragement, knowledge and ideas. She also did a great job of steering me towards resources to help me strengthen my mental game going into the marathon. Kaylin encouraged me to come up with mantras, work on visualizations, and focus on what my source of motivation was or what was driving me… I found all of this immensely helpful. I can’t speak highly enough of Kaylin’s coaching. I am so excited to continue chasing running goals with her help!”

  • Lily

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