Russeau Racing Fall Highlights

  • Kate K ran the Ann Arbor 1/2m beating her PR from 2012! Way to go Kate! 🎉
  • Margy crushed the Great Turtle 1/2m on Mackinac Island running one of her fastest half marathons on a hilly and challenging course! 
  • Shred Shed High School Runners, Ava, Dylan, Kaylee P and Payton qualified to the MHSAA State Meet. Maddy and Kaylee H had amazing seasons setting Personal Records. These amazing athletes strength train at the Shred Shed in the off season to set them up for a strong XC seasons. Their hard work in the off season is paying off! Woooo!
  • Lily ran the Shred Shed Halloween 5K in a speedy time of 24:07! She met her goal to average sub 8 minutes per mile running 7:39 / mile. Side note – Lily is now 15 weeks post partum! So proud of her journey!
  • Mary Pr’d by 3 minutes running a 2:06 at the Detroit 1/2m!!!!! Wooo! Way to Go Mary! 
  • Kate W ran a speedy time of 1:48:50 (8:19 pace) at the Detroit Half! Congrats Kate! 
  • Ken ran 2:00:44 just shy of 2 hours at the Grand Rapids Half Marathon! WOW! Amazing Ken! 
  • Congrats Angelique and Dani B running in the Detroit 1/2m relay rocking their relay legs!!!! Woooo! 🙂
  • Coaches also ran the Detroit 1/2m! Alex and I both ran our 2nd fastest times ever which is super exciting placing 4th and 5th. 
  • Tricia ran the Sleeping Bear Marathon 4:17, 2nd in her Age Group and 20th place for overall Female! Everyone’s journey is unique but Tricia had an injury last November where she could barely walk….. to go from celebrating walking to now…….. WOW! Talk about inspiring. 
  • Jennifer ran the Sleeping Bear 1/2m 1:42, 5th in her Age Group and 7th overall female! 🎉🎉 
  • Carole ran the Sleeping Bear 5K placing 3rd in her age group running her BEST PACE EVER! WOOOO! 🙂 So proud of you Carole! 
  • Kathleen finished her FIRST 5K EVER! The fun part is it was a Duathlon so she also kayaked making it an amazing Duathlon! Rock on Kathleen! She is excited and pumped for the next 5K! 🙂

Congratulations to all the amazing runners that raced this fall!

Be sure to recover like a champ to accelerate your recovery time! Be sure to Foam Roll, fuel the body for recovery and rest up!

After you take some time off, here are some options to help you thrive in your next training cycle!

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