Do you want to RUN FASTER?

By adding strides to your running program, you can develop and improve your fast twitch muscles to gain more speed.

Benefits of Strides
– Improve Cadence
– Stronger Race Finishes
– Improve your sprint mechanics

Recently, I asked a few of my favorite Coaches and athletes a few questions on the importance of strides.

1. Why strides are important for a runner?
2. How do you implement strides into your training program?
3. What works for you or for you athletes to help them run faster to reach their goals?

Tips from the Coaches & Athletes


“I believe strides are important for many reasons.
1. They help the day before race/workout to get your legs turning over, get the “junk” out of your legs and have the last thing your legs remember is running fast
2. Strides are a great way to work on form & turnover
3. Strides are awesome also after a hard workout or race the next day as your legs may feel dead and it helps flush those legs at end of run (these strides would be at a steady hard pace but not as fast as pre-race/workout day strides.”
– Sarah Boyle
Runner Mom & Olympic Trials Steeple Chase Qualifier



“I think that strides are great for working on turnover and form.  Also, I like the idea of running fast on tired legs because that’s what you need to do at the end of the race.  The change of pace can also sometimes help you recover for the next run.”

– Sue Parks
Head Women’s Cross Country/Track Coach


“Strides help build stride efficiency and a safe way to build anaerobic capacity. Run Skeels  showed me a great way to end workouts with 30/30’s. That’s 30 seconds hard and 30 seconds easy. Start with 4 and gradually increase number each week.” –

– Tom Durbin
Avid Runner, Siena Heights Track/XC Alumni, AAU and Youth Coach


Thank you Coaches for sharing your running knowledge. Keep tackling your GOALS friends!



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