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Try this Tip to Improve your Speed

Add Strides 1x per week to your Training Plan

What is a Stride?
A Stride is an acceleration of speed ranging 60 – 80m or a stride lasts about 10 – 15 seconds. You want to accelerate 70 – 90% sprint effort.

Stride Ques
– Lean from the ankles
– Keep your hips forward
– Drive your knees
– Relax your jaw
– Think about having quick feet to improve turnover (ground is lava)
– Pump your arms

Rest anywhere from 30 seconds – 1 minute between strides. You can perform 2 – 6 strides in one session.

You can perform strides after an easy run typically the day before a hard session such as a workout or race.

Runners perform strides on race day before they start the race to practice running fast getting their bodies ready for go time.

Benefits of Strides
– Improve Cadence
– Stronger Race Finishes
– Improve your sprint mechanics

It is helpful to have someone film your strides so your form can be evaluated. It is fun to see the improvements in your form with the implementation of strides, strength, core and mobility training.

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