Core for Runners Testimony

NYC half

I came across core class with Kaylin through AARC and immediately thought of the missing link between just running and proper running. We are wired to think that running is just putting one foot in front of the other – she will challenge that notion and her classes will not only target core but every muscle remotely interconnected to the activity of running!

 As runners we never give injuries a second thought until, well, they hit us and as an injury prone person I can attest that the root cause has to be treated if we are to continue doing the sport we love. Kaylin’s classes do just that; they address the fundamentals of running and muscles involved for proper body and core muscles activation. Her classes are a lot of fun – yet challenging! – and progress at a safe pace as to keep everybody engaged. For each routine she will have modifications depending on ones level of fitness and she is always paying attention to form as to provide feedback throughout the class.

 I have done two sessions with her and know I will be going for more. The results are impossible to go unnoticed, better load distribution during running, better posture and overall a quicker recovery.”

– Jorge O.

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