Consistency Wins


A big congratulations to Cindi, in 3 months 20 lbs down (still going), lost 20 inches & down 7% bodyfat – size 10 to size 6.
Cindi is so determined to improve her health, strength and running! It has been such a joy to watch her mindset, endurance & strength blossom. Her positive mindset motivates others around her. She trust the process of her training and gives God all the Glory. Our journey is never easy as it takes hard work, planning meals, scheduling time to work out and being consistent! Being consistent is key to our success. Her next big goal is getting another 5K PR & to schedule a 5k – 10k every month to keep her running consistently. Cindi has built the endurance to run 5 miles for her Long Runs as in the beginning we did numerous intervals of 1:1 for 20 minutes. She is strong, fierce, faithful and determined! So excited & proud of her!

What motivates you to be your best version of yourself?

Cindi participates in my run coaching & buddy training services at KR Fitness.Β πŸ’ͺ🏼

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