Core for Runners Series Testimony

My name is Craig and I am an “adult onset” runner.  I didn’t grow up running, much less like running (or anything resembling it).  As such, I never learned proper form or cross-training techniques. I’d just head out and run, I was able to teach myself all sorts of bad habits and form.  I was aware of Kaylin’s Core for Runners class but didn’t think I really needed it, as it turns out, I REALLY, REALLY need it.  

I am a repeat student to the class, not because I’ve failed but because unlearning bad form and habits takes time.  I am on my fourth time through the class and each time I see improvements; while the class doesn’t directly work on running techniques, speed work, recovery… I definitely realize the benefits of what Kaylin teaches us in my running technique, my form is getting better, and my recovery is definitely enhanced/shortened.

Kaylin’s class has helped strengthen my core which has noticeably improved my form, especially as I get tired on longer runs, a strong(er) core helps keep my form less Quasimodo like.  Because of overall better form I’m not getting the aches and pains I used to get after my runs which makes my recovery periods shorter.  One other thing I really like about the class is that it’s not focused on increasing muscle mass (i.e. adding weight you’d have to carry as you run), it is body weight and resistance band focused.  

I am relatively new to trail running as well and many of the circuits Kaylin uses in class are balance focused, which I’ve come to realize is CRITICAL while out on the trails, good balance equals injury prevention as the probability of staying upright on the trail is much higher (I’ve still eaten it on the trail though, no fault of Kaylin).

If you don’t think you need a Core for Runners class, you are a prime candidate as you most likely do.  Even outside of running, the things Kaylin explains and goes through in class would benefit anyone.  I HIGHLY recommend the class.

For more information on the Core for Runners Series, check out classes offered here.

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