3 Tips to Enjoy Holiday Sweets Mindfully


  1. Do you Crave sugar only during the Holiday Season?
  2. Or do you crave sugar all the time?

Personally, I crave sugar all the time but it is worse during the holidays. I am going to share some of my tips that have helped me enjoy but not over indulge.

Sugar is very addictive & it can be hard to cut back. During the holidays, a lot of sugar is consumed – between the cookies, pies, wine…… All the tasty stuff.

Here are my 3 Tips to Enjoy the Holidays Sweets Mindfully

  1. Drink More Water – Sometime your body mistakes hunger for thirst. So drink up – Drink ½ your body weight in ounces. If someone weight 150 lbs, aim to drink 75 ounces. If you workout for 30 minutes, add 8 ounces! You need to stay hydrated especially in the winter months!
  1. Eat Balanced & Eat Frequently – You want your plate to be full of lean proteins, lots of veggies and healthy fats! Examples of lean proteins is chicken, turkey, fish, lean beef, beans and eggs. Veggies – dark leafy greens – Loading up on veggies provides excellent nutrient’s but also helps with food volume helping you feel full. healthy fats include nuts, avocados, cooking with olive oil or coconut oil – It is also a great way to get omega 3 fatty acids in & it adds more healthy calories in your diet. Eat frequently – 3 main meals & 2-3 snacks per day. It may seem like a lot of food but it is also about being in tune with your body & avoiding emotional hunger making impulsive food choices. Emotional hunger is I want this food now vs physical hunger which is a longing growling hunger.
  2. Healthy Swaps – Remember, I am a huge fan of “treat yourself” but if you get frequent cravings this is where swaps are important. When you get a craving – find a healthy tasty swap!

Fruit, Healthy Hot Cocoa, Banana Pops (Ice Cream substitute), 2 Ingredient Cookies, PB Power Balls (my power balls taste like no bake cookies – delicious)

After I bike, instead of grabbing a chocolate cherry, I grab Power Ball! 😊 Which is way more helpful for recovery!

These tips don’t have to be used just for the holidays, but try to implement them in your everyday life!

Enjoy food but respect your body!


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