4 Tips to a Healthy Holiday

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The Holiday Season is a long time span ranging from Halloween to the Start of the New year. It is really important time to practice & implement some positive habits.

On Average, Americans gain up to 1 – 5 lbs during the Holiday season. Holiday weight gain accounts for 51% of annual weight gain. You can enjoy the holidays – but you want to make mindful choices.

Here are your my 4 Tips to enjoy the Holidays Mindfully

1. Portion Patrol – Don’t Eliminate food because that makes the holiday lame. As a nutrition coach, I believe in balance & developing a positive relationship with food. Enjoy all food but treat your body with respect & nourishment. My Clients that practice this mindset always have the best results. When you make your plate, Load up of fruits & vegetables and when you eat treats – focus on small portions, try not to binge & splurge by revisiting the desert table.
2. Eat SLOW – When you eat slow It allows your brain to respond to satiety signals that say, “STOP Eating. You are full.” So take your time, enjoy your food, and give your body a chance to react. The rule of thumb, Try to eat until you are 80% full and not to the max. so by Eating SLOW & eating until 80% capacity, it will help you consume less food and less tummy aches.
3. Try Drink More Water – Your liquid calories add up quickly. If your like me and only have pop at gatherings, it is in moderation. If you have glass after glass of sugar sweetened beverages, your caloric intake adds up quickly.
4. MOVE – Take a family walk after dinner. Check out some Christmas lights in the
neighborhood. A family walk is a great way to let your food digest!

These tips don’t have to be used just for the holidays, but try to implement them in your every day life!

Enjoy food but respect your body!

If you are someone who wants some accountability during the Holiday Season, I am hosting a challenge in the month of December – My challenge is called the Elf for Health! The challenge will provide you with workouts, healthy recipes and most importantly – accountability from yours truly!

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