Plank Party

It is so exciting to see so many people peruse their New Years Resolutions! Stick to it! You got this! In order to stick with your program, you need make sure  you have good form when performing exercises. Executing proper FORM is number 1 to reduce the risk of injury.

A common exercise in programs is the Plank! 

1. Start on your forearms. Make sure your elbows are under shoulders. Keep your head in a neutral position.

2. Brace your core. What does this mean? Do not just brace/flex your 6 pack (rectus abdominis), but engage the transverse abdominis which is located below the rectus abdominis – the inner most layer on the abdominals. Squeeze your glutes and brace! 🙂

3. Raise your knees off of the ground and hold your body in a straight formation. IF your form breaks, please do the modified plank. Same positioning, simply bring your knees to the ground with your hips forward to hold your plank.

Improper Form – When we start to fatigue, that is where our bodies compensate leading to poor form.

1. Keep Your butt down. If it is hard to bring your butt down during a plank, get into a modified plank until your core is strong enough to hold a plank.

2. Don’t Let Lower Back Sink. When your lower back sinks, it means your  lower back & abdominals are not braced. Please get into a modified plank until your core is strong enough to hold a plank.

Be weary of plank challenges. Make sure your form is solid before progressing to the next day.

If you are still having a hard time with these exercises, consider retraining your core. Even if you are the plank master, it is never a bad idea to retrain your core with transverse abdominal exercises. A strong core helps maintain an erect posture. WOOT WOOT!

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