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I am Lesa, Kaylin’s mother-in-law. I can tell you how incredibly loving, caring and sweet she is (and she is!) but this is about her ability to create confidence, encourage fitness and healthy lifestyles in anyone who is interested.  

I’ve dabbled in fitness (strolling bike rides, stretching classes/exercises and other minor things – even tried aerobics and Zumba) occasionally throughout my adult life but mostly I’ve spent it chasing four kids and cheering them on in their various sports. I was the queen of “bleacher butt”!  Then it came “empty-nest” time. Finally, time to sit and/or lay on the couch. Laziness and weight gain was my reward. I don’t know how much weight I gained during my pregnancies, but I think I was getting there again.

I decided to take control and lost weight, mostly by watching what I ate. Physical activity still wasn’t a thing.   Then Kaylin started teaching boot camps and, of course, I wanted to show support of her. She was so encouraging and supportive. Everyone there was at a different fitness level. She gave many examples of how to do an exercise including adaptions for beginners to those stronger. She has us do things timed so that you do them at your own pace. If you can only do three push-ups on your knees while the person next to you does 20, so what?  Was I sore?  YES!!  Did I go back?  Yes!! I eventually stared increasing the amount of reps, started feeling stronger and seeing body parts become tighter. She is always encouraging and motivational.

After about a year of boot camps, I out-of-the-blue decided I was going to try to run in the 5k race Alex and Kaylin put on in memory of Felisa Barnes. I have always helped out at this event. I’ve seen all ages and fitness levels out there giving it their best. Kaylin has gotten my confidence level up to this point. I set a goal to run all 3.1 miles without stopping to rest or walk. When I started boot camp I could barely run around a small gym one time. Now I’m planning to do a 3.1?  What?  

Once Kaylin found out, she continued to check on my progress and encourage me. She was proud of every step I made. I started out walking/running almost daily. Some days progressing, some days not doing as well. I was able to increase my distance and endurance. As race day neared, I still wasn’t able to go the whole 3.1 without at least pausing. She had WAY more confidence in me than I did. With Kaylin and family encouraging me, I actually did it. I ran the whole thing! 

 It’s something I never thought I’d want to do, let alone actually do it!!  Kaylin is a “boss”!  She makes an awful workout seem fun and she loves seeing her clients change their attitude and fitness outlook. Each session is unique. Her theory is “it’s your workout – you get what you put in”. So true. I lovingly call her “Evil” and I whine a lot while doing it, but she sticks by me and it’s paid off. I love her spunky, positive outlook on what most people dread – fitness!!  I recommend Kaylin Russeau Fitness to anyone and everyone!!  “Do your best and have fun – like a boss”!!!


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