Nutrition to Enhance Your Results


You need to fuel your fitness with proper nutrition to maximize your results! Whatever you eat before and after your workout is extremely important for your performance in activity.

Before Workout

  1. Eat a snack that has simple carbohydrates and protein 30 minutes before workout!
  2. If you don’t fuel properly, you may tire easily during workout and be tempted to call it quits.
  3. Carbohydrates Simple vs Complex – The main difference is how quickly they are absorbed to be used for energy.
  4. Simple Carbohydrates digest quickly and can be use for immediate energy – On the cellular level, simple carbs are converted to glucose transfer to muscles then give us energy during exercise. Examples – fruit, dried fruit, granola bar, greek yogurt
  5. Complex Carbohydrates digest slower. They are typically in cakes, white bread, and refined products. Healthier examples are whole wheat & starchy vegetables.
  6. Protein – During exercise, we create micro tears in our muscles. Protein will help repair & help muscle grow / tone. Examples – nuts, greek yogurt, turkey, egg

Post Workout

  1. Try to eat a snack with protein & healthy complex carbohydrates RIGHT after workout!
  2. Protein – FAST RECOVERY! Protein helps with soreness, repair, growth & tone!
  3. Healthy Carbohydrates – Replenish Glycogen Stores that have been depleted during exercise.
  4. Don’t overdue your snack or meal after a workout, snacks should be around 150 kcals and dinner 500 kcals. If you are exercising 90+ minutes a day, you will need more protein!
  5. Energy in vs energy out, if you are trying to lose weight you want to burn more calories than what you put in your body.


  1. Aim to drink ½ Body Weight in ounces in a typical day.
  2. Use color as an indicator – Lemonade or Clear is adequately hydrated…. If apple juice color, you are dehydrated!!!!! Drink UP!
  3. Before exercise, 2 cups 2-3 hours before and 2 cups before exercise.
  4. During & After, drink 1 cup every 15 minutes of intense exercise!!
  5. Use color as an indicator to your hydration level!

Pre Workout Food

  1. Snack: A smoothie with a banana, spinach, greek yogurt, and strawberries  (drink half before the workout and half after)
  2. Snack: An apple or pear with 1 tablespoon of nut butter
  3. Snack: Greek yogurt with granola and blueberries
  4. Snack: Dried fruit and walnuts / almonds
  5. Snack: Rice cakes topped with 1 tablespoon of nut butter
  6. Meal: Oatmeal with honey, almond, cinnamon and fruit
  7. Meal: Pesto Chicken, brown rice, with roasted veggies

Post Workout Food

  1. Snack: Chocolate milk
  2. Snack: Whole wheat toast with almond butter and banana
  3. Snack: Hardboiled eggs with a slice of whole wheat toast
  4. Meal: Veggie omelet with avocado
  5. Meal: Lemon Seasoned Salmon with a baked sweet potato and sautéed spinach

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