Runner Momma

Kaylin has brought the love of the run back into my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. Here’s my story… I used to LOVE to run. I have a huge competitive spirit and although I wasn’t out there winning races, I was placing in my age group on the regular with a 1:39:49 half being my most proud moment. Then a series of injuries struck, frustration, and eventually sheer loss of motivation. I felt weak and every run was an effort. After a terrible experience with a trainer here in Texas I just kind of gave up on ever getting that level of fitness back. After a complete break from running while I was pregnant I was really starting to miss it. I tried a few runs only to realize how weak I had become. My mom sees Kaylin and spoke so highly of her. I could see the changes in my mom and asked if she thought Kaylin might help me from afar. Turns out she was willing! She set up an amazing workout for me…even including exercises I could do with my little man (he LOVES it!!). She sent videos to be sure I understood each exercise and even offered to skype with me to help me with form and proper mechanics. Most of the exercises have progressions as my strength increases. She even keeps in touch and checks in on my progress…totally above and beyond!! Although I haven’t gotten all of my speed back yet, I am finally getting that light, strong, euphoric feeling you get from a great run. No more pain (other than the welcome soreness you get from a healthy push). I am out there loving every strike of the pavement, every invigorating breath of fresh air, feeling my body work like a well-oiled machine again. My love affair with the run is back and I can’t thank Kaylin enough for giving me the tools I needed to get there!!!

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