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I aim to offer affordable fitness to everyone and have a variety of packages and plans available. There are many classes to choose, from Shred Shed Online  to Core for Runners. We can also meet one on one in-person or online for a customized plan.


The Core for Runners classes will help you build a solid foundation, improve stability and learn to activate your core properly during your sport. By adding strength/core training into your routine, your biomechanics are improved by working on weaknesses throughout the kenetic chain which ultimately leads to more efficient form. When you have a stronger core, you are a well balanced athlete and you lower your risk of injuries.

Core for Runners=Happy Runners 😎

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I have an assortment of classes planned for your weekly workout, making it easier for you to achieve your fitness goals. For a monthly fee, you get access to 5 workouts a week!


Coaching for runners

Kaylin works with runners ranging from the beginner to the elite athlete. Not only does she create an individual training plan for your A race but she focuses on creating personalized prehab, mobility and strength routines that compliment your training phases so you can excel at what you love. Strong runners are healthy runners!

Learn about core, glutes, hips, movement patterns, stability and more with me on the A to Z Running Podcast.

The art and science of strength

Strength is an art and a science. The repetitive motion of running can cause break down and injury, therefore we must support our efforts with stability and strength training. On this week’s episode we have fitness trainer and Owner of Kaylin Russeau Fitness and Core for Runners (we call her the “fitness artist”) on the show to give us a deep dive into what a runner should be doing to maximize performance and reduce injury.

Fitness updates anyone?

 I’d love to share some updates with you about upcoming classes, fitness and even some tasty + healthy snacks.

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